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Lissenung Island

Picture a small private island with a white sandy beach, tall palm trees, beautiful flowers, magnificent sunsets and traditional bungalows. Surrounding this beautiful hideaway are some of the most colourful reefs and the best fish life this planet has to offer....
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Lissenung Island

Just north of Australia lies Papua New Guinea - The Land of the Unexpected.

After a 1:30 hour flight from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, you reach Kavieng. Situated only 2 degree south of the equator, on the north-western end of the island of New Ireland, you find yourself in this small, laid-back town. Often referred to as a typical "Somerset Maugham" South Pacific island setting, you are now right between two crystal clear oceans: The South Pacific in the north and the Bismarck Sea in the south.

However, this area has not always been so peaceful. During World War II, Kavieng had been occupied by Japanese troops and was finally freed by the allied forces in 1945. A few wrecks from this time still remind us of the battles fought in this area so many years ago. But the real attraction of the waters around Kavieng is the fish life.

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Lissenung Island Resort is located a 20 minute boat ride away from Kavieng. The resort, which was started in early 1996, is all there is on the island. There are only 4 bungalows with a total of 7 rooms, accommodating a maximum of 14 guests. Other than a handful of local staff, you won't see another soul. You can easily circumnavigate the entire island in about 10-15 minutes. Deckchairs and a bottle of wine on the beach at sunset time are the perfect way of ending an exciting day of diving.

The set-up of the resort is simple but comfortable and Lissenung Diving is the first address for divers visiting the Kavieng area.

Lissenung Island Resort is a fully recognised member of the PADI International Resort Association and a PADI Go Eco operator.  As such, committed to minimise diver's impact on the aquatic ecosystem whilst contributing to environmental, economic and cultural conservation.

The main house offers comfortable chairs on a sandy floor and it is here where cold drinks and delicious meals await you. Fresh seafood, such as fish, crabs and crayfish (lobster) feature high on a menu where set meals are served, rather than actually giving out a menu to choose from. Special dietary requirements can be catered for on request.


Many of the ingredients used in our meals come from the local market in Kavieng or are bought from the vendors that either visit our island or come out to meet our dive boats at various dive sites. We buy fresh fruit such as pineapple and bananas as well as all our seafood from these people. Some vegetables and fruits are even grown on the island. Wherever the food comes from, you can't get it more organic than this!

Beer and Wine are available at the resort, but feel free to bring along your own alcoholic beverages. Especially spirits, as they are often unavailable in PNG.

All buildings are built in the traditional style, most of them with thatched roofs and from bamboo woven walls. The local "building materials" are surprisingly strong and withstand even the strongest rainstorms.

Some local artifacts, which are also for sale, complete the picture and give the buildings that great PNG atmosphere.


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